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Movie Theater, Electronics Store, Home Goods Store, Store, Point Of Interest, Establishment
Trans Makassar Lantai. 4, Jl. HM Dg Patompo Metro Tj Bunga, Maccini Sombala, Tamalate, Kota Makassar, Sulawesi Selatan 90134, Indonesia
Koordinat: -5.159995, 119.3944798
Rating: 4.40
Telepon: +62 411 8117221
Роналд Рустан (18/10/2016 02:30)
One of the best shopping mall in town. Best known for its food outlet and its MEGA credit card discount partnership. Exhibition for new cars, homes and fashion shows more than often are conducted here.

roy sinaga (10/08/2016 19:36)
21cinemaplex studio has no competitor in Makassar when it came to movie theatre business, this make the ticket is overprice during weekend, whilst on weekdays its studio usually empty. T-cash promo service which held on Monday frequently unavailable with technical problem cliche (broken machine), so be my guess, dont waste your time hoping for promo ticket on Monday!

Y. Grey (17/11/2016 08:07)
Excellent, support m-Tix and Movie Card.

novitri novitri (22/11/2016 15:27)
the one and only cinema in Tanjung Bunga area.

ronny tr (08/07/2016 01:07)
One of the best cinema on makassar

witara saja (10/08/2017 17:30)
Cinema XXI on 4th floor, some location have a progress for renovation. Overall a standard place for Cinema XXI.

George Sitanaya (31/05/2017 19:42)
Big..clean..tickets can be purchased online (mtix)..

Mobile Gaming (23/06/2018 09:10)
Tempat nyaman

Hidayat Kadir (16/06/2018 20:21)
The atmosphere is pleasant, the seating and sound system is nice

Andrea Witono (30/04/2018 07:12)
Firet well known cinema in makassar!

Fahri dwi permana (26/04/2018 15:50)
This is cinema to watch movies, the environment feels cozy and nice.

Ivan (26/04/2018 12:16)
Siapapun yang nonton di bioskop ini, tolong jangan norak, jangan nyolot kalau film lagi main, jangan tepuk tangan kayak orang kampung yang baru masuk bioskop, dan jangan bawa teman yang kerjanya cuma bertanya sepanjang film.

Khairul Umam (20/04/2018 18:55)
I've watch movies for few times here, they definitely serve people well and have delicious food. Compared to any other movie theater, their price is not that different, but yes they have a higher price. The other problem is their locations is a bit far from the city. Great place to spent time for family or friends.

Hardiwanto Yongkong (08/03/2018 09:46)
Wheelchair accessible place.. There is lift to cinema and security will help you in this cinema..

Andrew Pranoto (05/02/2018 20:58)
Great selections of box office movies to choose! Excellent condiments to pick and large seating area to wait for your movie! Clean bathroom and very nice staffs! Auditorium is very clean and comfy enough to enjoy your movie!

Oguz Ozdemir (02/02/2018 19:55)
The movie is a war movie over the age of 17(12 Strong), but there are a lot of little kids at the salon .

Witara Ketut (10/08/2017 17:30)
Cinema XXI on 4th floor, some location have a progress for renovation. Overall a standard place for Cinema XXI.

Safrina TAAJ (24/02/2017 23:28)
The only XXI that accepting t-cash.

Suardi Tanasal (27/06/2016 15:28)
Good place for dating LOL

Muhammad Mirwan (13/06/2016 23:40)
Perfect. Just perfect.

Ellyana Supadmo (15/04/2016 13:44)
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