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Kriteria Lokasi:
Stadium, Point Of Interest, Establishment
Kampung Baru, Sorong Sub-District, Sorong City, West Papua 98411, Indonesia
Koordinat: -0.8717249, 131.2467172
Rating: 3.80
Telepon: -
Wiriawan Hadisaputra (18/01/2018 11:44)
Nice view of papua beach

Muhammad Yusuf (25/12/2017 21:09)
It's a big yard, big enough for playing soccer
The yard condition is not too good coz there's much hole on it

can much (22/03/2017 21:11)
sport arena, near a beach

I WAYAN ARSA DANA (11/12/2016 09:24)
This place is for public but the yard is not good for Football match.

Septinus Manggaprow (06/11/2016 17:44)
Contemporer places
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