Peta Lokasi di Indonesia
Kriteria Lokasi:
Archipelago, Natural Feature, Establishment
Gili Islands, Gili Indah, Pemenang, North Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia
Koordinat: -8.351844, 116.0561632
Rating: 4.40
Telepon: -
stanley adam (09/05/2018 13:54)
Best choice to holiday. I will never forget this place. This place have a great sunset. When i go to gili islands, i using Marina Srikandi Fast Boat depart from Bali. The journey from Bali to Gili Islands only 2 hours with them. Very fast. When you arrive in Gili Islands, you can deserve by blue water and white sand. very beauty.

Yogaboy (09/05/2018 03:50)
The three gilis of Lombok. All islands are very nice for snorkeling, food and Yoga.

Dani DM (07/05/2018 18:09)
Beautiful island but the horses... i cant get over it. its pure animal crualty. Not even horses but underfed pony’s forced to carry lazy tourists and their luggage in the burning sun the whole day. Pony’s are not fit and look so tired in the eventing but then still use them as showhorses and rentals at the beach. Never ever saw them drinking fresh water.. its barbaric How they get treated. As a human being i cant enjoy this beautiful island at all because of this animal abuse. Never ever again.

Chardi Christian (04/05/2018 08:09)
What a gem! On Gili Air we found: “Flowers and Fire” Yoga garden, a retreat of calm and delight. Our hosts were warm and helpful. The coffee equalled the best in Sydney. Everything was aesthetically pleasing and so comfortable—fans and air conditioning in all the rooms. The Yoga studios, the salas, of which there were two, were amazing. The treetop one fantastic. For yoga practitioners, prepare for some of the best teaching anywhere. Do not miss this experience of heaven in Gili Air! Ricki Randall

David Christian (04/05/2018 07:28)
Stress and work overload brought me to Flowers and Fire Yoga garden on Gili Air. And I found an oasis of peace and calm. The beds in the bungalows were comfortable and the pillows (for aficianados of good pillows) let me sink deep into sleep. The team was friendly, efficient and served delicious fruit platters, fruit juices, cold teas, brilliant coffee, and everything delicious! Diving into the pool washed away stress. The yoga, for those who are more serious than I am about it, is taught by the very best. I say this on the word of the practitioners I talked to after classes. Wonderful place. An oasis! David Christian
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