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Airport, Point Of Interest, Establishment
JL. Pelabuhan Udara, Bacan, 97791, Amasing Kali, Bacan, Kabupaten Halmahera Selatan, Maluku Utara, Indonesia
Koordinat: -0.6378785, 127.5014193
Rating: 3.70
Telepon: +62 927 2321261
Rukti Arum (23/02/2018 11:02)
Currently only 1 flight per day.

Heykal Mohamad (22/02/2018 16:13)
Clean n good small airport at bacan

Sulaiman Anggalarang (31/01/2018 05:34)
Well it is what it is, small airport with minimum facility to run itself.
Have a not bad services, but I think the management should upgrade the runway and luggage services.

In other terms, South Halmahera provides you beautiful landscapes and some choices of foods.

Recommendation of staying in this area maybe 3-5 days.

Tram (24/08/2017 03:46)
Local airport has standard services, shall be upgraded to support tourism sector

Lasro Sitanggang (12/08/2017 18:10)
Sudah bagus kok.
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