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Airport, Point Of Interest, Establishment
Jl. Hang Nadim No.01, Batu Besar, Nongsa, Kota Batam, Kepulauan Riau 29466, Indonesia
Koordinat: 1.1219253, 104.1182972
Rating: 4.00
Telepon: +62 778 761507
Muhammad Hanif (28/05/2018 20:02)
Nice place.. Good facility.. Good staff

Kristienus Philip (11/05/2018 14:28)
International airport with low quality of service. Not 24 hours. Don't have good transit area. I think no transit more than a day here, You can find souvenir shop, restaurants, convenience store, bank, atm, post office, tour and travel. Too bad starbucks at the airside/departure side. they are super not friendly if you order Grab or Gocar from here. Best ride to town is using public bus (damri) or picked up by hotel. taxi was expensive. But I heard they are gonna build second terminal, hope it'll happen soon.

Rudi Wijaya (27/04/2018 07:51)
For a busy city like Batam, i think the airport should have renovated. Design is old, layout is old, nothing special. Only average.

Prasetyo Budi Widagdo (11/04/2018 08:35)
Bandar Udara Internasional Hang Nadim(BTH) adalah Bandara Ini Ada 1 Landas Pacu sebuah bandar udara internasional yang terletak di kelurahan Batu Besar, kecamatan Nongsa, kota Batam, provinsi Kepulauan Riau. Bandar udara ini mendapatkan nama dari Laksamana Hang Nadim yang termahsyur dari Kesultanan Malaka. Bandara ini memiliki landas pacu sepanjang 4.025 meter yang menjadikan bandara ini sebagai pemilik landas pacu terpanjang di Indonesia dan kedua di Asia Tenggara setelah Bandara KLIA Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Dengan kondisinya saat ini, Bandara Hang Nadim dapat menampung 18-pesawat berbadan lebar dengan jenis Boeing 747, dan Boeing 767.

Rezare A (22/03/2018 12:43)
This airport mainly caters for domestic flights within some of Indonesia's prominent cities. Several Indonesia's airlines providers served this airport daily. Getting around to and from the airport, you can either choose a taxi, bus service served by Bus Damri Batam or online e-hailing providers by Grab, Uber or the local Gocar services. As a foreign tourist you should know that online taxi operators are not allowed to pick up their passengers at the airport. You may have to walk a long way outside the airport vicinity to be picked up. It's better you negotiate with the online taxi driver about your intention to be picked up at the airport to avoid unpleasant situations that may happen to you and your driver if other authorised taxi operators knows about it. For drop off to the airport will not be much of an issue as you are being picked up outside the airport vicinity.
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