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Airport, Point Of Interest, Establishment
Beluluk, Pangkalan Baru, Central Bangka Regency, Bangka Belitung Islands, Indonesia
Koordinat: -2.1572632, 106.1415667
Rating: -
Telepon: -
Tivanie Ling (04/06/2018 15:29)
When you are waiting here , you can buy some snack or souvernir such as otak otak Ase, lunch meal , cake, coffee and etc.
You can see mountain view arround this building.

urban planner (31/05/2018 02:44)
it was a new airport building, use in 2017. build in after 2014. many transporter you can chose. blue bird taxi, or others. the airport located around the area of province government civic centre. not far from there..only about less than 10 minutes. You can have ur lunch or dinner at pasir padi bay...it not far from the airport too...less than 20 minutes...with beach n white sands view...excellent panorama...the airport parking area was lower than the drop off or pick up area point, so it's rather take times..

Jenaka Channel (16/05/2018 14:24)
this airport has a new face. More cool and minimalist.

Teguh Prayogo Sudarmanto (06/05/2018 15:04)
New terminal building, taste modern and clean. But the space is still small, only for two departure gate with two garbarata if i am not wrong, so if the flight schedules to Bangka Island is growing fast in the future, this terminal building shall be upgraded bigger. If it is so, the airport will be great! 👍

Arista Bayu (27/03/2018 10:44)
Small airport with modern style. This is the new image of Depati Amir airport. Before this airport is to small and look so old
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