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Kriteria Lokasi:
Airport, Point Of Interest, Establishment
Panarung, Pahandut, Palangka Raya City, Central Kalimantan 74874, Indonesia
Koordinat: -2.2240242, 113.945584
Rating: 3.90
Telepon: -
Julius Rafles (16/05/2018 08:05)
Small airport and not to busy... Right now the renovation is in progress

SIG Corner (09/05/2018 13:01)
Small airport. Stuffy sometime...Smell of cigarette smoke surround you...

sastra atmaja (01/04/2018 22:08)
Will be best Airport

Kitri Widaretna (20/01/2018 13:19)
Although this airport smaller however the idea for promoting their trading products is brilliant 👍👍👍

Xy Purple (14/11/2017 15:40)
The waiting room is narrow like the old version the Polonia Airport (North Sumatra) or The Supadio Airport (West Kalimantan). The restroom is quite clean
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