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Jawa Timur, Indonesia
Kriteria Lokasi:
Natural Feature, Establishment
Ijen, Tamansari, Licin, Banyuwangi Regency, East Java, Indonesia
Koordinat: -8.058, 114.242
Rating: 4.50
Telepon: -
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Paul Brisk (08/03/2018 07:31)
An amazing experience with the to climb down into the crater to see the famous Blue Fire. Need a reasonable level of fitness to walk up from the carpark to the crater. But must take care to climb down into the crater as the rocky path is rough and slippery and you need a torch. Best to use one of the sulphur miners as a guide who will always welcome the extra income. Start the walk from the car park at around 2am, and you should reach the crater in about an hour. Another hour or so in and out of the crater, and then definitely recommend continuing round the crater rim for 1.3km to the sunrise point to watch the sun come up from about 5am'ish. The sunrise point is at an old Dutch ruin. The plight of the sulphur miners was a little sad. They work incredibly hard, under tough conditions, for not much reward.

Md Yusuf (26/02/2018 08:11)
Intense climb but worth coming. Bring a face mask with you as sulfur irritation is real. After you've seen the blue fire, QUICKLY go back to the top of the top to view the sunrise over the crater. Don't stay near the crater. Shortly after sunrise, the place becomes very foggy so better hurry to go up for a nice view of the green acidic lake

Nithish Prajwal (15/02/2018 18:33)
Extremely humbling and magical place. Please be mindful of the hardworking miners and make way for them when going down.

Pramudya Arif Dwijanarko (24/01/2018 00:52)
Magnificent view. always prepare with mask and your googles. come around 3-4AM to enjoy the blue fire

San Diego POV (19/12/2017 03:24)
Great place to take a bath! I came here at about 6:14 at night and that blue fire was burning BRIGHT! I changed behind some rocks that were emitting some weird yellow smoke, and it smelled bad. Other than that, the bath was good but after 16 seconds I had to jump out because my skin started to feel really tingly and getting red. 5/5 Stars
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