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Duren Kalibata

Jakarta, Indonesia
Kriteria Lokasi:
Train Station, Transit Station, Point Of Interest, Establishment
Jalan Raya Kalibata No.60, Rawajati, Pancoran, Rawajati, Pancoran, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12750, Indonesia
Koordinat: -6.2553685, 106.8549849
Rating: 4.20
Telepon: -
Duren Kalibata Duren Kalibata Duren Kalibata Duren Kalibata Duren Kalibata Duren Kalibata Duren Kalibata Duren Kalibata Duren Kalibata Duren Kalibata
Leon Travers (28/12/2016 14:04)
Having used this station for the past 3 years on a weekly basis, it is absolutely wonderful to see the transformation which has taken place. This not only goes for Duren Kalibata but many of the other (if not all) stops on the commuter line. Good work Indonesia.

Bastanta Lubis (10/01/2017 07:46)
As it is, not so much interesting things here despite of they renovated this station. One of the good thing here is very close to Kalibata mall

Todo Sibuea (12/07/2016 11:17)
Ugly train station: no long benches. It has series of lean benches. However, when the train is late, your gonna be forced to wait while standing for a long time. Convenient store isn't convenient at all because it's located outside train station. Lavatory is clean enough and well-maintained.

Ainur Rohmah (23/11/2016 07:42)
Small place. No waiting bench.

Dewo Ardianto (22/01/2017 11:42)

Kay Nazarite (02/07/2017 13:56)
Bench added. Not a clean station but it got upgraded slowly. This station is strategic when you wanna go to Menteng or Kramatjati or Rawajati, Pengadegan hood because there's so many general transport (angkot) in here.

Arif Harahap (20/06/2017 21:07)
It has two exit/entrance way, eventhough ended up in same street.., but the decoration of the station haven't good enough for me

Titin Fitriani (01/08/2017 20:16)
This stasiun get better and better each day, eventhough still many to improve.

Bgarang Subi (28/05/2017 03:23)
The train and station is getting more and more better. Hope the new governor can handle this to be more better.

Marina Nareswari (08/09/2017 21:03)
Small and clean station with mushala and toilet facilities. There's a small shop inside and outside the station, ATMs, with free phone-charging corner. Many trashbins available.

Only one thing that needs improvement from this station. The gutter outside the platform smells kindof bad so it needs further effort to cleanup the gutter.

De Bo (25/10/2017 19:27)
Good train station. Good service

Jefri Tamba (12/04/2018 09:45)
An attractive, spacious Jakartan terminus station with access to the Platform 1. The station sometimes holds free art expos.

Nofi Fernandez™ (18/02/2018 14:25)
connecting several places in low cost jabodetabek...nice..

Orange Sound (07/05/2018 11:03)
Train station with the wheel chair and disable person access, you also find toilet and mushola room, there are alfa and indomaret store if you need cold drinks or snack

Dhimas Ilya'sa Swandy (04/04/2017 18:05)
one of the vital train station in south jakarta

Amelia Dirhardjo (11/02/2017 07:24)
Trully disapointed. My flash (BCA vendor) can not applied here. I must paid IDR 30K from 2 Person for going Bogor. Just redeem after. People paid IDR 3K/train & card IDR 10K. should 26K why 30K?

panca putra dwi estri (21/01/2017 03:59)
Bersih stasiun nya..

Jhony Saprian (29/12/2016 07:50)
Tempat nya nyaman sejuk dan aman

Meidiyanti Putri Rahmadini (16/10/2016 20:27)
karena setiap hari saya memakai commuter line yang dimana naik dari stasiun duren kalibata

Saggaf Arsyad (06/03/2016 16:27)
Parkiran motor mahal banget. Dari parkiran ke loket lumayan jauh muternya

Mardi Gregorius Doko (12/12/2015 12:57)
Relatively small station with clean environment. The lane for ticket booth have a very small space so it make some chaos in the morning.
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