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Train Station, Transit Station, Point Of Interest, Establishment
Jl. Jombang Raya No.37, Jombang, Ciputat, Kota Tangerang Selatan, Banten 15414, Indonesia
Koordinat: -6.2969528, 106.7127869
Rating: 4.10
Telepon: -
Stasiun Sudimara Stasiun Sudimara Stasiun Sudimara Stasiun Sudimara Stasiun Sudimara Stasiun Sudimara Stasiun Sudimara Stasiun Sudimara Stasiun Sudimara Stasiun Sudimara
Waritsa Asri (18/01/2017 14:54)
Clean environtment, but theres underpass construction being built so limited access for disable.

Robin Raintama (21/08/2016 09:50)
Even its better than ever, but sure they need to add bridge

You can find government bank ATM and a couple food stalls here.

The parking service needs to improve the computer system. You have to wait like 1 or 2 mins for your card accept by the system. But parking area is huge enough

Mett Ais Wardhana (11/09/2016 15:37)
One of train station heading to Tanah Abang or Rangkas Bitung

Martin Hardiono (07/01/2017 21:31)
Underpass to move from platform to another is under construction. Limited access to the disable.

taufiq ibrahim (05/09/2016 19:44)
This train station is too crowded. Many passengers is getting to the train here causing the train overcrowded

Sarah Larasati Mantovani (13/08/2017 06:46)
Surprise! Baru semalam turun di sini lagi eh ternyata udah ada lorong penyeberangan bawah tanahnya. Padahal better nyebrang biasa aja lebih baik.

Di satu sisi safe sih tapi kasian yang udah Nenek-nenek dan punya masalah syaraf kejepit kaya ibu saya, naik tangga justru jadi menyiksa 😅

Mudah-mudahan kelak Sudimara bisa kaya Tanah Abang atau Sudirman, ada Eskalatornya jadi ga menyiksa penumpang yang udah Lansia ya.

Raihan Aulia (08/08/2017 23:36)
Fairly good for a station of its size. ATMs are available inside the main building. Restrooms are pretty clean. Too bad convenience store is only available outside the paid area.

Ard K (14/06/2017 19:29)
It's quite good. The commuter waiting time isn't long. But the road outside the station always have traffic and the atmosphere is not comfortable because alot of opang(ojek pangkalan).

Ciba Gangga (11/06/2017 12:53)
The place that welcoming me every morning and night. Starting from this place, I commute to all over Jakarta

Abi Emir (06/04/2017 21:34)
The stasiun is under renovation. Small but clean.

Indra Siregar (03/10/2017 08:24)
Small but crowd, the perfect description for this station. In serpong line, sudimara is one of the most crowded. The down side of this station is the access road is quite narrow..

Ezra Saputra (29/10/2017 18:04)
Simple yet good station. Has a underground pass for pedestrian also.

Ichlasul Affan (30/08/2017 01:33)
Very crowdy station (even more crowdier than Serpong) but still comfortable enough.

Hendy Odwin (02/09/2017 16:51)
What a good commuter station. Little bit dull but it's not bad at all .

Jefri Tamba (12/04/2018 02:30)
Though the building needs renovation the old building style looks good. The seating near the vending machines needs to be utilized appropriately which will reduce the crowding.

Rully Madewa (12/03/2018 22:35)
Small but convenient station. Besides Jurangmangu Station, this is the nearest commuter station from Sector 9 Bintaro /McD Bintaro.

Mr Afriyadi (09/02/2018 11:55)
Small station with full facility. Clean and any construction for better station. Good for KAI

Muhamad Yudistira Muria (30/12/2017 16:55)
Not the biggest train station. It still needs some improvements in this and that to make sure the passengers feel comfortable. The entrance is so rocky road with messy gravel on the gate. And the public restroom needs to be cleaner as well

Ray Raditya (21/03/2018 02:51)
One of the huge station for commuter line, mostly use by the passenger from Ciputat, pamulang, Jombang and bintaro..
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