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Stasiun Cicayur

Banten, Indonesia
Kriteria Lokasi:
Train Station, Transit Station, Point Of Interest, Establishment
Jalan Kampung Cicayur, Indonesia|Jalan Kampung Cicayur Lembur, Tangerang Selatan, Banten, Indonesia|Situ Gadung, Cisauk, Tangerang, Banten 15341, Indonesia
Koordinat: -6.3295153, 106.6189576
Rating: 3.70
Telepon: -
Stasiun Cicayur Stasiun Cicayur Stasiun Cicayur Stasiun Cicayur Stasiun Cicayur Stasiun Cicayur Stasiun Cicayur Stasiun Cicayur Stasiun Cicayur Stasiun Cicayur
Yonatan Purba (30/12/2016 22:19)
Big Car Park available near this station. You can park and ride. But they need bigger access to this place like Cisauk Station.

Lutvy Bhoy Bhoy (14/10/2016 20:25)
I lov cicayur

adhitya arbi (16/10/2016 05:31)

Gema Fatra (15/11/2015 10:51)
Old style train station.

Raffi Setiawan (23/08/2014 15:21)

Yonatan Purba (06/05/2017 10:31)
Legok, Curug, Cisauk, Parung Panjang, Pagedangan if you have own vehicle this place very suitable because Big Car Park available near this station better than Cisauk or Parung Panjang Station, free of traffic jam. You can park and ride here.

Timothy Santoso (06/07/2017 19:05)
This is more efficient and cheaper to get some far places..

Prashenda Wibowo (05/08/2017 09:12)
Bad commuter station

Key - 6201 (28/04/2017 16:09)

Rezkinsky Yunisa (13/10/2017 07:22)
Nice train station

Nur Bhara (13/10/2017 13:18)

Barg 15 (20/10/2017 19:29)

salahuddin muhammad (10/12/2017 17:15)
This train station is the manifestation of the marriage between modern technology and traditional/natural living. Inside the train station, technological achievement can be seen by modern electric commuter line and their scheduled arrival and depart. But once you exit the station, there are vast rice paddy field

Jefri Tamba (12/04/2018 02:40)
Since they re did the station, it's further to walk. Not good for people who can't walk far.

Katarina Embula (28/12/2017 21:12)
No parking fee, the road was too narrow for 2 cars. The station is clean.

Suju Vlog (09/02/2018 18:52)
Train station with free of parking, quiet, and clean.
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