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Pratek Dr Sucipto

Bali, Indonesia
Kriteria Lokasi:
Dentist, Health, Point Of Interest, Establishment
Jl. Diponegoro Blok B 12 No.150, Dauh Puri Klod, Denpasar Bar., Kota Denpasar, Bali 80113, Indonesia
Koordinat: -8.6703128, 115.2141136
Rating: 4.20
Telepon: +62 361 222541
Wendy Parker (27/12/2017 10:48)
This is a Chinese owned Bali Dentist, located next to a large government rubbish tip that you can even smell sat in their waiting room. They are outrageously expensive and shameless in trying to extract as much money out of you as they possibly can. My research confirms they are the most expensive dentist in Bali, with prices almost as high as Australian dentists, less the hygiene and consumer protection laws and without the government regulations in Australia designed to protect the public.

I was informed on arrival the doctor would not see me without my having a panorama X-ray, even though I'd brought a full set of X-rays with me taken only 2 weeks before. I was told the X-ray would cost Rp600,000 and I must pay for the X-ray and consultation BEFORE I meet the doctor with cash or credit card.

I was offered NO neck or chest protection for the panoramic X-ray, when I asked I was told "Don't worry radiation little". After another 40 minute wait I finally got to meet the Doctor. No small talk, just "open mouth" and visual inspection of my mouth and his ungloved bare fingers in my mouth touching and proding my teeth. I was then told "you need much work". I asked for a fully inclusive, no surprises cost for the work he proposed and he would not confirm a fully inclusive cost. He simply kept saying "lot work, step by step".

I am very confident that had a gone ahead with his 'step by step' treatment it would have cost me a not so small fortune. I've since talked with a number of Bali expats and years ago he was considered to be the best of a bad choice for dentists in Bali. Things have improved these days with better and far cheaper options for foreigners looking to pay less then at home. This dentist seems to be trying to keep his profits in a climate of increased competition in Bali by dramatic price increasing. I met one expat who told me she paid RP12,000.000 for a root canal treatment here and would never go back again.

In summary looking at their prices and health/hygiene standards I believe you'd be better having work done at home and pay only marginally more. If it's all about price you would be far better looking at the many other Bali dentists that now exist. Good Luck!

carsten sweden (26/08/2017 08:41)
Dr. Sucipto have professional German equipments, here I feel like a patient and not like a number. Very professional work and behaviour.
He took my fear to go regular to dentist.
I travel from Jakarta to Bali to let him fix all my teeth.
Price level also good.
All fixed teeth intact for long time and no struggle at all.



john anderson (22/06/2017 12:11)
He has done my teeth for decades. He figured out my implants that others told me were impossible. It involved bone graphs but I love them. Today I got a root canal for $105 dollars.

Bali Life (27/04/2017 11:28)
Been going here from 1999 onwards...a great dentist and will only go here.
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