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Kriteria Lokasi:
Airport, Point Of Interest, Establishment
Jalan Raya Gusti Ngurah Rai, Tuban, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80362, Indonesia
Koordinat: -8.7467172, 115.166787
Rating: 4.10
Telepon: +62 361 9351011
Daniel Kumevor (31/05/2018 13:15)
A very big and beautiful international airport . It has so many duty free shops and great restaurants to eat. Need to change money? Don't worry; you can change money as soon as you come out of the airport and so many drivers waiting outside to take you to your resorts if you haven't already arranged for a ride.
Relax in many restaurants before your boarding time is due at the departures level.

Md. Muhibur Rahman (10/05/2018 22:26)
Nice, busy and large airport. Neat and clean. Lot of shops are there in both international and domestic terminal.

Arrival immigration takes long time as you will find long ques there. Although departure immigration takes less time but make sure you have enough time in hand before boarding.

Washrooms and other facilities are adequate. It will be better to use Grab or Uber on arrival because taxi asks for five to six times higher rent from here. And do not buy mobile phone SIM card at airport. We bought SIM from outside at half of the price asked at airport outlets.

Bharat Kumar (28/04/2018 01:54)
Very large and Very beautiful International Airport.
Very long terminal and beautiful view from glass Walls. Though terminal bay is very long, full of escalators so you will tired to roam or walk till gates.
Terminal full of glass Walls which enables beautiful view of Runways, flights and Ocean so you will love to walk till gates.
Massive spacious terminal gates lobby for waiting area and beautiful view and many shopping options.
Very friendly staff and hospitality, many restroom and drinking water options throughout the terminal. Loved It :-)

Milo Montang (25/04/2018 17:00)
love the ambience despite of its crowd. we can clearly see the sea outside and feel the warmth of the sun when it's dry season. love the view :D so authentic. they have many great options of food&beverage outlet. you also can find some souvenirs and snacks around the lounge.

Shirley Yeung (12/04/2018 13:39)
This airport is pretty organized and easy to navigate. If you're flying from the international airport, there are free and clean showers for you to use after the secured areas. This means, if you've been out exploring all day in Bali and you're trying to catch a flight later on in the day, just make sure you have a towel and some clean clothes in your carry on and at the very least, you can rinse! There were at least 5 showers in the females shower room and all have locks with a toilet. Clean and no need to pay! They are located behind the food area, just follow the big signs!

The International side is enclosed and with air conditioning, so it is quite comfortable.They are using the body scanners in the security procedures, so it is quick!
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